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Our Artists

Asa Charles / Creative Director

Asa F. Charles is a Trinidadian born Alanta resident with an honest love for all things Art. Her work is inspired by her native home's bright bold colors. With a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration and Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta, she seamlessly delves into diverse mediums and projects. Her work is ever evolving as she continues to experiment with varying forms such as Wire Art, creating highly expressive and figurative sculptures. Body Art, transforming human bodies into shimmery canvases and Digital Art giving people the opportunity to make their own artistic visions into reality.


Ms. Charles is a member of the League of Art Entrepreneurs, a professional Artist group in Atlanta. Her work is displayed in many private residences as well as public spaces such as Mango's Restaurant on Auburn Ave, Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead and The Healium Art Gallery. She enjoys participating  in group shows and has had work featured in solo exhibitions during the Castleberry Hill Art Stroll. Ms. Charles also has a passion for introducing art to everyone. She enjoys the challenge of instructing classes and exposing people to the arts, confirming her belief that anyone can be an artist. To contact Asa directly, please visit her website at




Painting, Sketching, Calligraphy, color OUTSIDE the lines! Richard is a semi-retired retail executive who enjoys teaching others how to release their inner Picasso! His career as Director of Visual for Belk, Uptons, then Creative /VM for Famous Footwear and Paradise Shops helped create his strong foundation as an "out of the box" thinker. "I love folks' expressions when they suddenly experience the joy of creating true art!"  To contact Richard directly, please email him at




Richard Brunning / Visual Marketing



Javaughn Nader / Instructor

Javaughn "JEN" Nader is a colorful and vibrant artist based out of Atlanta who specializes in abstract paintings, using recycled materials and acrylic paint. With a background in visual communications, advertising, and graphic design, JEN always held a passion for art and creativity. She pursued creating a life out of the education and professional skills she obtained. During this process she found that a small hobby, something that felt totally natural, grew into a passion, and outlet for expression. Painting became her medium for story telling with every color, stroke, and shape. Gradually, her talent transformed into designing exclusive personalized art pieces for individuals as gifts. Now instead of living in the mass, and following the heard, she has created a life for herself outside of the average box. 

JEN's artwork is influenced by some of her favorite historic artists such as Pollock, Monet, van Gogh, Kahlo and Warhol, to name a few. Her personal style and creativity is developed through different levels of personal connection and energy. JEN's technique is a free flowing process that often includes finger painting, short brush strokes, textured materials and flowing lines. She wants people to understand that in your craft, or artistry, you do not have to appear to be perfect... your individual style is already perfect!

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